RAY OF HOPE (genre: realistic fiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

The shining black limousine skidded to a halt.
Out emerged the man the world knew as one having restored the soul back to music.

As the legend stepped out, a voice broke through the cacophony, “You shouldn’t play here”.

Stunned, the man shuffled his legs, rubbing long fingers over his silken red tie.

“Shouldn’t perform where Blacks aren’t allowed.”

A deafening silence followed.

Then, the  maestro did the unthinkable.

He gingerly walked towards the crowd.

The next moment the masses had lifted him on their shoulders.

That night  emerged a ‘Ray’ of bright light in a world coloured by hatred.

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REF: Ray Charles – Wikipedia

Ray Charles | Biography, Songs, & Facts | Britannica

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9 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/realisticfiction/ff/100words/14/01/21

  1. Enjoyed this, Neel. Ray Charles’s biography as well as his music is a testament to the human spirit overcoming obstacles. What an inspiration!


  2. Yea! A testament to both injustice and possibility. Here’s to a future without racism.


  3. He was certainly one of a kind and mould breaker.


  4. How I loved Ray Charles. Thanks for bringing back the memories.


  5. Ray Charles, one of my favorite all time artists. It is sad that he had to face such hatred, but he did so, and we have his music as a legacy against hatred. Lovely write, Neel. Enjoyed it. Now, I’ll have to go home and pop his CD into my player while I work.


  6. Dear Neel,

    Ray Charles, the man the singer, the legend. Nicely done.




  7. In this circumstance, being blind would be a blessing. So much is conveyed through body language. Ray didn’t let his haters stop him. A hero for any age. Imbued with an unconquerable spirit.


  8. So many black performers went through this crap. Well done.


  9. Ray Charles was truly a beacon. It is sad that always, in the shadows waiting for the right time or place, hatred always lurks.


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