By Neel Anil Panicker

“You must have been a charmer to have managed to steal the affections of such a beautiful girl, and make her your better half”.

Rajeev looked askance at his kingergarten friend who he had met after over three decades.

“Charmer, me? You must be kidding. I just happened to be lucky”.

Ashwani took a swig of Black Label before volleying, “Lucky? I don’t get you Raj. Please stop making it such a whodunit? Spare me the suspense and tell me  how you managed to convince Rita to fall for an average looking dumb ass like you”.

The dumb ass jibe was like water off a duck’s back for a jolly, ever happy guy blessed with a stoical damn care attitude towards life and people.

Rajeev merely smiled, raised his glass to his lips, and after downing its contents answered in his trademark insouciant style, “It’s simple
She had just broken up with the college stud, and needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to wipe away her tears, and crack the odd nonsensical joke or two. I just fit filled the need. And bingo! Before you could spell LOVE, she had, as the proverbial saying goes, fallen head over heels in love with me.”

All Ashwani was left to do was think about his  ‘average’ looking wife, and drown his sorrow in  another around of whiskey.

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