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By Neel Anil Panicker

‘How are you, my dear?’

“Getting on.”

‘Getting on with life in pandemic times is more like it, right?’

“You said it, my man.”

‘Yeah, my love.’

“I know man. It’s just taking a while to get the hang of it.”

‘Get the hang of it! Yeah baby, I like that. All this is new to me, you, us, the entire world, baby.’

“I know dear, it’s just that this mask hurts.”

‘What? Mask hurts? How on earth can a mask that you put to cover your mouth and nose to safeguard you getting infected with this life threatening Corona disease ever be hurtful, sweetheart?’

“know…I know…my dear. Wearing this mask day in and day out every single moment I step out of the house—be it be for office or even as basic as answering the front door bell—is something that has kept me safe and alive for the last one year. But
you also need to understand baby that it also hurts as the world does not get to see my beautiful face covered as it were by this piece of cloth, however colourfully fanciful it may appear to be.”

‘Ok…ok…love, I got that. But my dear you can take heart from the fact that I, your husband  knows how achingly beautiful you are and have not for a moment failed to remind you of  this, and shall continue to do so for the rest of my life.’

“Wow! I think on that happy note let’s together say cheers to a very HAPPY 2021.”

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory

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