2021 a New Dawn ebook by Gayle Schilz


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Nouveau de’part”

“A what”?

The stars above shone bright as a million fireworks lit the midnight sky.

As around three dozen pairs of eyes looked upwards, and then at the kaliedoscopic flotilla that bobbed in the shimmering waters,

Metul looked nonplussed at the beautiful young girl a mere feet from wher he stood—at a secluded tree lined corner, away from the partying crowd of young corporate yuppies.

The answer came, slow and soft as if deference to the magical moments that skipped by.

“It’s French. It means “new beginnings”.
As Mitul still held the befuddled expression on his handsome face, the stranger clarified, “It means a good bye to all the pain and sorrow that  came with 2020, and to step onto 2021 on a clean slate. It means…”

“Hey, wait a minute,” interjected Mitul, his voice slightly quivering, “Do I know you? And how on earth did you think that I had a bad year, and that I had been through as you say ‘sorrow and pain’, and that I am looking to change the tide over this new year”?

The woman stepped forward, and that was when Mitul had a good, first look at her.
The investment banker had in his decade long  jet setting career had seen quite a few dazzling beauties but the girl who stood in front of her, her jet black carefully coffiurred hair glistening in the flow of the full moon night was a sight to behold.
Words such as diva, innocence, fairy, Greek goddess were what that hit his mindscape.

“Hi, my name is Diya Malhotra. And I mean every word of what I said.”

Mitul opened his mouth to say something, but seeing the extended hand, the words refused to give birth.

“Don’t look so puzzled. Come and take hold of your destiny, clasp it with both hands before it’s too late”, Diya smiled invitingly as the words tumbled out like gurgling pools of water from her red lipped mouth.

As Mitul snook hands with the unknown woman, he knew, she knew— they both knew that it was the dawn of a new year in every sense of the word—-a new beginning full of love, romance, and shared joys and happinesses.
That very magical moment the sky once more lit up with the magical golden letters—WISH ALL A VERY HAPPY 2021.

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