Love To Hate ( continuing story)

By Neel Anil Panicker

Yerawada Prison

Women’s Jail

Barrack No. 4

Cell No. 13

Monday, June 14, 2020_ 5 AM

“Hey you, wake up.”

The loud banging of the baton onto the prison bars jarred the early morning tranquility,

Jolted by the constant rude knockings, the young woman stuck her head out of her bedraggled sheet.

“You are one lucky bitch. The judge has set you free!. Come hurry up. I don’t have all the time in the world, ” barked the rotund prison guard, her bulbous eyes glaring at the inmate.

A minute later, as she led the young woman out of her cell, and past the long cavernous hallway, almost all the other inmates peeped out of their cells, several raucously screaming and shrieking their lungs out, a few even mouthing obscenities__the kind even their male counterparts wouldn’t have ever uttered in their wildest, baddest of times.

The young inmate, her hands clutching on to a lone, tattered bag strode on, careful to steer clear of the stretched out hands and palms of the outstretched hands and fingers of the crazed prisoners, her eyes___steely and resolute___focused on the narrow, semi darkened pathways that lead to the hallway, and to her freedom.

Another half an hour later, and much after her lawyer had helped her complete all prison formalities, the young woman stepped out of the massive , arched doorway of State Prison, her first foray into the outside month in the last two years___24 months, 14 days, three hours and twenty two minutes to be precise.

Month, week, day, hour, and minute—it was as if the young prisoner had been counting every heart beat to this moment__the moment when she would be a free bird.

As she stepped onto a waiting car, and as the vehicle sped towards the Mumbau-Pune Highway, the young woman finally smiled___a broad, no holds barred wide smile that she reached upto her lovely black eyes, making them twinkle in the afternoon glow.

Bhavi Hingla, the 26 year old, accused of murdering to death her employer and ‘purported’ lover, the handsome business magnate Rahul Awashty had won the battle of life, even though she had lost the game of love.

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