Virus In The Head

By Neel Anil Panicker

“A new strain of the  Corona virus has been detected. This new virus, if researchers are to be believed, has double the potency of the existing strain. Several people are believed to have got infected with this new strain in Britain, Australia, and some parts of Asia, and several hundred others are under observation.
The world now states at further…”

Sumit shook his head, more in shock than disbelief, as he switched off the TV set.

“What happened  why did you turn off the TV? I haven’t heard the news today,” rebuked Urmila as she walked in from through the bedroom door.

The 37 year old software professional, battling joblessness for the past nine months,  looked at his wife, agony writ large on his pockmarked face.

“You want to know the news? Ok  I will tell you the news. The next 12 months are going to be hell for the world, for us  for me, especially  and I have sure to turn into a troglodyte, if I haven’t already become one”.

Taken aback by her husband’s overdramatic  emotionally charged response, Urmila stood still for a moment, and then, as better sense prevailed, quietly turned around, and left the room, leaving her once sensible hubby to deal with his growing paranoia.

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