Peep Into A Woman’s Soul ( continuing story)

By Neel Anil Panicker
The sun had long set over the horizon,  the  sky having shed its earlier orangish red streak for a fast fading pale blue tinge.

Oblivious to the sudden shroud of silence all around her, Bhavi stared harder the distant orb  
that hovered above her head, her eyes a hazy glaze, lost to the world that throbbed a few hundred feet below her.

She was in the cliff, sitting on a precarious rocky edge jutting out to the valley below, a mind numbing drop of 500 feet below.
This was her me time; the place the 23 year old ran to, to hide, to think, to reevaluate, to clear her head, and also to reach the her batteries. Her own personal ‘far from the madding crowd’ escape from reality.

“Good, take a day’s break. But do remember, tomorrow you need to report. Its your first day in office,” were the well intentioned words of her bestie Harneet in the morning as the latter rushed out to catch her office cab.

The memory triggered a smile.
Bhavi remembered his smile, her new boss’s dimpled curves—shy and slow, yet so very sure. Was that a hint of naughtiness, too?
Bhavi raised a hand in a effort to banish all romantic thoughts.

Jeez! Who’s she fooling? What is she getting delusional about?

She pinched herself under her wrist, the resultant shooting ache jolting her back to terra firma.

‘Stop playing Cindrella, you duffer’, she found herself hearing her own voice—loud and clear.
‘Stupid! You’ve met her only once; that too barely for ten minutes. You hopeless eternal romantic’.

The winds above seemed to have picked her words. Her blabbering wafting in the empty bowl below.
They came back, each syllabic sound echoing back, at treble the decibel levels.

Embarrassed to the core, Bhavi turned around.

Did anyone hear her? The mumbling inanities of a silly grown up little girl?

She needn’t have worried.
Perched high up in the hill, she was a million miles away from civilisation.

Bhavi closed her eyes, and allowed her sense to take over.
For a long, long time thereafter, it was just she, her heart, and the sound her heart beats.
Later, much later, when she climbed down, she her face was an angel’s.

The time out had served its purpose.
It had made her connect with her inner self; she was now ready to meet life headlong—ready for everything—the good, the bad, even the ugly.

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