Nothing’s Funny About Money, Honey (short story)
By Neel Anil Panicker
“How confident are you? After all she is a woman!”, lashed out Hyder his voice betraying his low opinion of the fairer sex.
Shiva turned around, his bare chested muscular frame shone bright as golden rays bid final goodbye, yielding space for the long arms of the night to hold away over earthlings.
A smile, slow and deliberate, played on the 24 year old’s lips.
“I know. It’s in her eyes. My Sheeba…she’s in love…madly in love with me.”
“Yeah!,” bellowed Hyder as he leapt up, and made a final dash for the sea, the gushing frothy waves beckoning all who wanted a last frolic before darkness would envelop the lonely 3 mile stretch, putting to bed the sandy beach of Arangalayam, a mere hour’s car ride from Chennai.
The sarcasm in his friend’s tone was not lost on Shiva, who replied, “Not only am I confident and that it is a sure thing that by next week both of us will turn into millionaires several times over, but also let me tell you that the person who would hell make us one is none other than Sheeba.
Hyder, who had almost waded into the waters, stopped, turned, and looked back—his face a still photographer’s delight—shocked incredulousness frozen in time.
“What? Are you telling me that Sheeba, your girlfriend, this Mr Money Bag’s only child, and one whom you have known, seduced, and ensnared in your ‘love’ is so madly in love in with you that she’s ready to even rob her own father?”

It was Shiva’s turn to up the play.
“Yes, tap a woman the right places, and buddy, she’s a putty in your hands, ever ready to do whatever she can for ‘her man’, even if that means making her father poorer by fifty crore rupees”.
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