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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Some people see an oasis, some a desert, but at least they see,” declared old Dharamendra as he glared at the gangly young who stood in front of him, feet apart, arms stretched, hands firmly on waist that seemed the culimination of a near perfect V-shaped figure, a body shape the aspirational dream of every other nineteen year old.

Raghav looked at his stentonarian father, albeit in a slightly fearful manner, yet chose to reply with typical nonchalance, “Dad, I see what you want to say, but pardon me I still don’t see what’s your point of telling me all this?”

The sixty year old chairman business magnate and highly respected industry figure looked at his only child and grimaced.

“Son, at least some see a desert, but with you, I am so sorry to say that your mind is a haze___it doesn’t, or rather, more approriately refuses to see anything.”

At this point young Raghav, ever the pleasure seeker, realised that finally it was curtains down on his life so far as a freewheeling globe trotting carefree fly by night playboy.

The teenager finally realised what his ageing father was alluding to____that his only son put an end to his hedonistic ways and ultimately own up to the real purpose and goal of his life, which was to join his father’s business and then, over time, not just take over the reins of the conglomerate but hopefully some day, drive it to stratospheric heights.

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