By Neel Anil Panicker

“Saxophone? Whtz tht? Me more of a sex on the phone guy! U knw wht I mn, rgt?”.

Creep! blurted Lena as she slammed the phone shut.

Three feet apart, in her bed, her roomie Ekjotcaught the change in her tone.

She sprang up and sidled upto her college mate.

“Hey baby, don’t tell me you are off men again? I mean look at what you got? Hari’s the coolest, most handsome dude in town. What more does a woman want?”

Lena leap off her chair and grabbed a Coke from the fridge before turning around.

“What more does a woman want, right? Or better still, what more should a twice married, thrice dumped 35 year old ageing Professor of Lingusitic Studies expect from life and men and relationships, right Lena? Isn’t that what you are teling me? That I damaged goods, a perishable ruduct that’s long past its expiry date? And that I should be happy with what I get and that beggars have no way to climb up the totem pole and even aspire to be choosers? Isn’t that what you are telling me___yes you of all people, you who I have known since we were giggly four year olds running around in frilly frocks back in kindergarten”?

“Well, all I am saying is that you need to slightly tweak your standards”.

As Lena looked on, a befuddled expression on her face, a visage that one of exes had in a fit of uptmost rage fuelled insensitivity likened to a ‘wall that’s just been kissed by a roadroller’, Ekjot explained, “Let’s be real Lena___as the axiom goes, all the good men are taken___so what do we do___do we embrace celebacy and take to the hills, or we pick, use and throw all the luscious low hanging fruits___anything that helps keep our body in good nutritious shape to ensure our brain cells our in spic spac shape right upto our nineties, what say?”

The words of her bosom friend had a salutary effect.

For the first time in the evening, her face sported a semblance of a glow.

“Ok, I call truce. I will go with your advice for now. But my quest for a ‘saxophone lover’ still continues”.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #shortstory

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