By Neel Anil Panicker

“Life, more often the case, is far from ideal, however, it is in our hands to make it idyll, so cheer up my friend and look out for the bright splash of rainbow that’s hiding behind those dark clouds that ringe your horizon and threaten to emerge any moment in a kaleidoscopic burst of showers.”

Ragini Biswas looked up at Kamla Sinha, the sassy forty something middle aged woman, who until an hour ago, was her supervisor but now had joined her in being rendered jobless along with the entire 25 member strong sales department____a sorry side effect of the downturn in the econony further triggered by the sudden emergence of the deadly pandemic that had sent millions of heartbeats into limbo, both literally and figuratively.

Ragini looked at the woman seated beside her at the corner park bench overlooking the sylvan lovely lake on whose pristine waters lolled a paddle of angel white ducks, and wondered what made this woman, especially one who she knew as being the sole earning member of her family comprising of an alcoholic no gooder of a husband, two ailing parents, and two young children to boot, so very optimistic and bubbly when she’s just been kciked out of a job that she loved and had been doing so with utter dedication for the past one decade”.

As if reading her thoughts, the older woman held her hand and said, a tad authoritatively, “Come, my dear, I will meet you the person who’s the reason I can afford to be this happy and smiling for all these years.”

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