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Biden Ends Trumpistan Era

By Neel Anil Panicker

Finally there has arrived someone who has managed to clip his wings, ” exclaimed Sanjeeda as she watched the news headlines announcing Joe Biden as having won the bitterly contested much watched much awaited US Presidential elections.

His fiancee Karl looked at the screen that awash in blue as image after image sang the glory of the Rebublican who had finally trounced the man who suffered from grand delusions of his invincibility.

Turning around, Karl picked up the  champagne bottle that lay on the table awaiting the results of the of one of  the most important elections in the entire world for the decade.

“Clipped is too mild a word for what Biden has achieved,” he said as he uncorked the champagne and sprayed it all over the living room.

The two had just just engaged a week ago, and as such it was cause for a double celebration.

As an elated Sanjeeda snuggled into her beau’s arms, Carl clarified, “This man Biden had managed to do the impossible, which is ground to dust the elephantine ego of a megalomaniac whose deranged personality bordered on insanity.”

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