By Neel Anil Panicker


The answer to the question held a million possibilities  but only one certainty.

Ragini looked at the middle aged man clad in a sparkling white starched shirt and jet Black trousers, the sartorial style topped with a off grey leather tie.

The man, who still wore that quizzical look on his handsome visage looked on as the wall clock above chimed on metronomically.

The second sped by, and Ragini held on to her breath  hoping against hope for a answer that her heart pined for but one her mind knew was a near impossibility.

Whoever gives a year’s worth contract of insuring his entire staff of over a 1000 to one company, to one agent—to a rookie in the business who’s just made her third cold call of her entire career.

“So, the answer is YES. Ms. Ragini Biswas, you may meet our chief accountant, and sign the papers. The deal is yours.”

Ragini couldn’t believe her ears. For a moment , but one seemed an eternity she just stood there, staring as if she were a statue, looking blankly into the face of the man, wondering if she had heard correctly, or were it all just a dream, one that end bringing her back to the sordid reality of her hand to mountain existence.

As if reading her thoughts, the Chief Executive Officer of Abacus Technologies broke into a heart warming smile before stating, “Miss Ragini Biswas, let me be honest here and tell you that I have no idea what the company you work for does, but what really led me to handing over this vital contract was you. I must tell you that I have been charmed by your exceptional marketing and communication skills, and would be more than happy to refer you to several of my CEO colleagues who am sure would be more than willing to do business with a fine professional such you.”

Tears welled up in Ragini’s eyes; in all her thirty years she hadn’t ever heard an iota of approbation, leave alone such fulsome  effusive praise.

That evening when she headed back to her spartan one room rental, holding in her hands a signed contract and a cheque worth Rs 25 lakhs, she silently let out a prayer to the Almighty for the mighty luck that had befallen on her.

The next morning she was up before the sun rose, and walked all the five kilometres to her office, arriving just in time to see the security guard open the gates for the long day ahead.

An hour later, and after handing over the cheque, and receiving her commission, stepped our for the day’s business.

A cashier’s cheque bearing her name, and worth a 2.5 lakh rupees rested in an envelope on her breast pocket, her reward for the previous day’s labour.

Ragini Biswas, the woman who the world and everyone around had discarded like used toilet paper was well on her to stamp her presence on Planet Earth.

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