By Neel Anil Panicker

Rajat had trouble believing what he was seeing. Such was his sense of incredulity that he had to run his eyes twice to really process what vision swirled before him.

He craned his neck and looked upwards from his second floor bedroom window.
It was true! His eyes were not playing truant nor was anything wrong with his mental faculties.

It was indeed a woman…er…her upturned self that greeted his eyes that wintry Saturday evening
His eyes took in the long, slender legs that shown like two bright stars in the nightly skies.

His mind a turnstile, he looked up again, this time genuinely scared as a woman’s voice, most plausibly belong to the owner of those lovely exposed legs, bored down from above, “Rakesh, are you there?”

‘Rakesh who?…who was this woman screaming at…’, wondered Rajat.

A moment later  penny dropped as another voice, this time a male’s, came through, but more like a half muted whisper.
‘Shhh….darling…how did you get stuck like this…come on.. give me a hand…let me pull you up.’

As a thoroughly shaken Rajat looked up  he could only see the vanishing sight of long  shapely legs.

A moment later, the window above his, firmly shut.

But not before he hearing the woman’s stinging volley, “Rajat, if only you had picked up my calls, I wouldn’t have suffered the ignominy of climbing up your bedroom window.”

And then, hushed silence prevailed.

But  only for a minute.

Thereafter, for the next hour or so, poor Rajat was kept away from his sleep, thanks to the manifold, high octane ohhs and aaahs that emanated from the flat right above him.

Unable to bear the heightened, wild shrieks that hit through the roof and threatened to rupture his eardrums, poor Rajat inserted cotton swabs into his ears, drank neat a full  bottle of Old Monk, and knocked himself out.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #shortstory  #PhotoChallenge

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