Eye language or eye contact

By Neel Anil Panicker

“You have an arresting face,” said the young man as he passed over a bowl of dark chocolate fudge to the girl who sat across from him.

“Two minutes!”

The 19 year old looked at the girl, a quizzical expression plastered all over his
otherwise cherubic face.

“Yes, you heard that right! It is barely a couple of minutes since we met and you have already started flirting with me. How cheap can one get!”

The young man’s handsome face underwent another metamorphosis, this time changing from incredulity to mock hurt.
He opened his mouth to say something.

The young woman stopped  him with a raised hand.

“Chill! I was just joking. In fact I like guys who flirt. In fact, my mother is to believed, no one’s ever died of flirting.”

The words seemed to have a salubrious effect on the boy.
He relaxed his shoulders and settled back on the chair

It was afternoon time, and the  college canteen was abuzz with an eclectic  bunch of eclectic freshers, all gungo ho about the end of their first semester examinations.

Two tables afar, a particularly bousterous group was taking turns plastering a young girl’s almond shaped face with generous helpings of cake amidst raucous shrieking of Happy Birthday To You.

The girl looked at the lively scene that was unfolding, and then turned towards her date, “When you look at me with those dreamy eyes, my heart melts and my mind freezes.”

Embarrassed to the core, the boy replied, albeit sheepishly “I rest my case”.

Thereafter, for the next hour or two, it was their eyes that did all the hard work.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory

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