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(episode 42)
By Neel Anil Panicker
He laid awake and said the name into the night. Then, after seemed an eternity, long after the nightly stars had stopped twinkling and headed space to the their dazzling day time cousin, the old man, his frail body bent with age, still, summoning all his inner reservoirs of strength, raged into the open skies, his tremulous voice, quivering, yet sending shock waves all over:: BEWARE, ALL WHO KILLED MY SON. I WILL DO TO YOU WHAT YOU DID TO SUSHANT.”
Back in his chamber, Dr Abhinav Asthana looked at the two persons seated across from him___one an elderly man around his age, sixtyish; the other, a woman, who, despite her dishevelled look, looked no more than thirty five or so. 
“I have given him some medicines. He’s under sedation. Another two hours before he comes around. And remember, make sure there’s no more talk about his son, at least not in his presence. He’s under shock. It would take awhile before he gets to normalcy”.

The woman was the first to respond.
“Doctor, Dad’s been like this ever since Sushant’s death…murder, that is. Talks gibberish, always sreaming out words like ‘kill’, traitor, and revenge. Not a moment t passes by without he flying into a rage, and
talking about taking a gun and…”
“I know. I said such behaviour may seem delusional, even bothersome. After all, the patient had just lost his only son. We need to approach this in a very empathetic manner. Trust me, with the medicines I have prescribed, he should be able to recover from this trauma very soon. Ok?”

The last word wasn’t stated merely to elicit an answer. Instead, it had time of assured finality, something which the two a knowledge by nodding their heads.
A moment later, just as the two got up to leave, Dr Abhinav delivered his final salvo, “I am deeply sorry for this great loss. I do understand the pain your father is currently going through, and what you as a sister is undergoing. I too, like millions, am a huge fan of Sushant Singh Rajput. I pray and hope for everyone’s sake the killers of Sushant  are brought to justice ASAP.”
Even before the doctor had finished speaking, tears had welled up in Shweta’s eyes. Her uncle gently ushered her out of the door.
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