Sushant Singh Rajput had bipolar disorder, investigating all angles in the  case: Mumbai police- The New Indian Express

MEN AGAINST MEN (episode 41)
By Neel Anil Panicker

“It’s a step back for sure, but definitely not the end of the world, and we for sure are not going to leave no stone unturned in our resolve to get to the bottom of the truth behind the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput, ” proclaimed the well known TV new anchor as he kickstarted his hugely popular flagship daily prime time programme ‘THE TRUTH MIRROR’.
Commissioner of Police Mumbai, Parambir Singh, took a swig of Johnny Walker Black Label before mounting some ummentionables all directed against the “bastard fraudster masquerading as an  anchor but running a devious agenda to defame and bury a few powerful people who don’t sing his tune and supplicate to him”.

As the evening wore on, so did the venomous vitriolic ire that both parties were hurling at one another, one hiding inside a TV screen and the other sitting in his spacious swanky facing drawing room, sipping what else but his favourite poison of the evening and mouthing, what else, the choicest of invective against  who else, but his favourite whipping boy for ever.
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