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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over (episode 40)
By Neel Anil Panicker
“There are two types of people in India. Those who believe in the law. And then  those who believe in the law only when it suits them. And what we are seeing now is the latter kind raise their ugly heads, screaming from the rooftops about having been discriminated against, of falling victim to the grand devious machinations of evil forces out to subvert the course of justice and stifle the truth from coming out. This is a clear, neat surgical murder of democracy. Today, goor has outwitted bad, and today is also one of the blackest chapters in India’s history as today goes down as the day when the entire corrupt and conclusive forces came together and conspired to hang a person and pronounce his death as a case o suicide when the world knows that the young Bollywood star was murdered. Today, let the know that the ling arm of justice had failed rhe ordinary law abiding Indian citizen and the murderers of Sushant have gotten away with their most heinous crime.”

Vincent Chacko, CBI SIT Chief investigating into the suspicious death of Sushant Singh Rajput sat and watched the  TV news anchor go ballistic on an otherwise quiet evening back in his temporary government guest house a fifteen minutes ride from the Bandra Kurla Complex situated regional headquarters of CBI.
“I wonder what the CBI has to say on this fabricated report of the AIIMS Medical Board that is clearly biased and written to favour the serving political party in Maharashtra, a party that has left no stone unturned to both overtly and covertly do all in its power to ensure that one of its leadership, a person who now is infamous as the Baby Penguin, a serving Cabinet Minister to boot, stays away from the long arms of the law. I ask, and I dare say, tonight the whole of India, the nation wants to know why this killer, this chief conspirator in the brutal murder of Sushant  is being allowed to go scot free when there is enough evidence to prove that this man was the ring leader in the entire murky affair that led to the unfortunate death of nit just a young, very promising actor but also the tragic death of his ex-manager.  Disha Salian. The question that is uppermost in things of all right thinking people across the globe and not just the family and fans of Sushant Singh Rajput is what is the CBI going to do now? Will the premier investigating agency of the country merely act as sycophants to this corrupt power hungry politicians and give the Sushant case a quiet burial, merely acknowledging and accepting what the AIIMS Board has declared, or, will it show some muscle and teeth and do what is its bounden duty: which is to expose this charade about this being a mere depression  induced suicide and conclusive prove in the highest court of the land that this was a pre-planned murder, thereby bringing to book all the powerful murderers of the young man and woman? Is the CBI a mere stooge…?”

Chacko, the ace cop, stabbed the TV remote button.
A moment’s silence later, Chacko picked up the phone and dialled a number. As the phone rang at the other end, he just prayed that the person at the other end of the line was still alive and in good health.
That was the only now the killers of Sushant could be brought to book.
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