three line tales, week 238: a robot in a field of flowers


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Masks here, there, everywhere—what’s come of this world, and how soon, and without as much as warning have human lives—the way, we homo sapiens have so far and so long breathed, lived, and loved changed?,” thought out aloud Sandeepan Banerjee, the confirmed atheist even as he looked up to his best friend turned life partner who peeked in from the kitchen door.

“This too shall pass, hubby dear, and let me tell you dear Sandy that this unannounced  pandemic, much destructive and immensely distressing as it were, is also a huge wake up call for all of humanity, a virulent potent reminder to all this men and women and children who strut around the world thinking that they are the lords of all they survey, hubristic creatures so drunk in conceit and their own false sense of superiority that they think nothing of ravishing and ravaging the bountiful and beauteous wonders of Mother Nature, without even realising for a week but that humans are nothing without the benevolent and ever benign presence of Nature.”

The bespectacled  Assistant Professor of Psychology and ever the charmer, looked at his wife of two days and best friend of a lifetime and shook his head in affirmation before adding, “You pretty much reiterated what I was saying  but in way better words, all delivered in your  delightfully optimistic honey dipped tone”.

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