three line tales 236: a girl and a dog at the beach


By Neel Anil Panicker

Ten year old Shilpi stood gingerly a few feet away from the edge of the sea, her eyes glued to the antics of the high tide, watching with a curious delight as only a child would do, the antics of the froth filled soapy waters as it lashed against the shore even, as a solitary dog walked past, its eyes too, unable to extricate itself from the eclectic sights and sounds all around the famous Marine Drive at Cochin City, the Venice of the East.

It was then, at the instant, that the bomb went off___its deafening sound sending shock waves all across  the mile long stretch, sending the Sunday evening crowd of holiday revellers into a mad frenzy___all__men,women, and children running helter skelter___everyone trying to distance themselves as far way from the blast spot as was possible.

An hour later, after the police had cordoned off the beach, and guided all to safety, and much before the bomb disposal squad and forensic experts had got down to business, it was found, to much relief that there were no casualties except for the slightly unsettling fact that two were missing___a fisherman’s ten year old daughter and a stray dog that  was a regular around the place.

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