…Just Memories

By Neel Anil Panicker

“It’s been eight long years since he died, since you left the colony, left this locality, and settled at the other end of town which is a good three hours distance from here; yet unfailingly every weekend I see you here, and that too, not to meet us__your childhood friends___but only to sneak into the park___all alone and sit in that corner…”

Aditi’s words were a trail as Deepti’s eyes took on a forlorn look.

A moment’s pregnant silence followed as the two childhood friends sipped tea and stared into the blank walls opposite them.

“Raghav’s gone; dead for so long; it’s time you move on, Deeps”?

Deepti’s eyes welled as an avalanche of emotions cross crossed through her heartscape, puncturing, attacking her brain cells with the intensity of a frenzied lover.

“He hasn’t, ” whispered Deepti, adding, “I feel him beside me, showering his love on me,  especially on weekends when he wafts in the wind and  sneaks beside me in the corner park___his twinkling eyes shimmering further in the moonlight, those naughty black button eyes teasing me with their playfulness while his hands entwine mine, our hearts melting into the other’s.”

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4 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/31/07/20

  1. Time and distance can lesson the intensity of loss but it cannot dissipate it completely. Poignant Six, Neel.

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  2. UP

    It takes more time than we hope ! Very thought provoking six


  3. Absence and presence are truly a match.


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