By Neel Anil Panicker

By nature, Srini was a pacifist; a peace loving gentle kindly soul who avoided all kinds of toxicity and stayed a mile away from negativity.

In fact those who knew the benevolent slightly balding, bespectacled fifty something gentleman swore the the man of letters (he was a senior professor of English Literature at Jadavpur University) had never uttered one unkindly word to anyone in his entire life.

Therefore, it came as no surprise,when one fine summer afternoon, the erudite, peacenik stepped out of the massive wrought iron gates of his dear University never vowing never to step foot inside ever again.

The perfect gentleman that he was, even his wife of a quarter century couldn’t elicit any response from him as to the why he had taken such an extreme step.

‘Oh! I just want to take it easy…maybe do a little bit of research, maybe, even write a book…’ were some of the vague half hearted mumblings that slipped out of his mouth by way of a reply.

It was only a good month later that the truth spilled out for the soft spoken___apparently the cause of the introverted Srini’s sudden putting in his papers was the ever increasing noxious atmosphere that festered like a sore wound and that had spread its tentacles far and wide within the once hallowed precincts of his dear university, a vert disorienting development that Srini found antithetical and an gruesome assault on his sensibilities.

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