three line tales, week 231: the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset


By Neel Anil Panicker

Imagine living the new normal: a world in which every breath you take may be your last; where every road you take, each single turn could land you in a hot spot___a potential dead end where lives are lived more in fear than in elation,x where laughter and joy are such rarities that were they would to be packaged and sold they would outbid the biggest brands in the business, and go off the shelves faster than it takes to spell COVID19.

Imagine a young man, that’s me, hitting the road, cycling past bridges and highways, crossing state borders, leaving behind the big city and with it my still born hopes, desires and dreams; my steely eyes set on the road ahead, and the far horizon beyond it where lies my village___poor, impoverished, ancient___a place so moored to a moribund past that there’s no scope for a future, any future for that matter.

Now imagine bliss and happiness and peace and that’s me; that’s me because even though though I may have abandoned the big city and its myriad attractions; I have finally found love amongst my own besides ensuring a few more years of existence  on Planet Earth, something that no denizen of the big city can ever truly be sure of, all courtesy the mechanised yet brief lives that they are forced to live, thanks to the diabolical antics of an unknown killer bug on prowl.

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2 thoughts on “neelwrites/TLT/flash/shortstory/02/07/20

  1. Great use of the prompt!


  2. Thanks for including the 3TC Neel.


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