By Neel Anil Panicker

“How would you stave off the attack,” posed Priya as she sat down next to Rashmi in the back garden of the former’s beach side home.

“I don’t know but I guess I have no option but to fight him back, have I?”

The two girls stated into the other’s eyes; Priya knew that her best friend’s rejoinder was more rhetorical, and needn’t beget an answer.

Still, she looked into the distant horizon, watched the sun fading out into the sea, and volleyed what she thought was her way of getting the conversation going.

“Listen Rashmi, the farewell party is taking this Saturday. Rajesh and his gang will be there. It’s been  confirmed. Plus, a little bird tells me that the next morning he’s flying off to Dubai. A monthly all expend paid junket sponsored by his millionaire step-father. This is your best and only time to give it back to him. To take revenge for what he…”

Priya stooped midway as she stared into hers friend’s eyes.

She had dropped a tear.
A few more threatened to stream down her lovely cheeks.

Priya looked at her bestie’s beautiful face turn pale. An explicable sorrow lined her jet black eyes.

She reached out and held her friend’s hands.

“Rashmi, save your tears. Remember, what that bastard gave you. You have to determine that he too gets back the same treatment. It’s time for to teach that love rat that he can’t just trample over people’s hearts and walk away.”

A moment’s silence prevailed. Above, the clouds turned dark and rumbled.
In the distance, the waves splashed  and made wild love to the rocky edges.

Rashmi turned around and locked eyes with Priya.

“I will teach him a life lesson he’ll never forget.”

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CLICK Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time  and 3TC

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