three line tales, week 229: someone trekking up the steps to the tower on top of Glastonbury Tor


By Neel Anil Panicker

So you mean to say that there is this 14th century sandstone castle that is situated on a hill some thirty kilometres from the main city of Kokrajhar and that one needs to traverse by foot more than ten kilometres cutting through dense forests and then climb some 200 odd stony steps to reach it, and that the clue to the whereabouts of Prashant, the 13 yet old school student  whose mysterious disappearance over two months has caused widespread anxiety and mass protests all over the country is lying buried in an underground chamber of this castle?”, asked Detective Chacko as he looked at the 100 year old clairvoyant.

The white silvery haired man looked into his crystal ball and then hooked the ace cop in a steely hawk eyed stare before replying, “Yes, and you must rush there before dusk if you have any hope to retrieve that clue that would help you to reach the boy and save his life”.

Even before the highly regarded occult who lived deep in the forest abutting the little village of Shishubhagh had finished, Chacko had rushed out of his quaint cottage and was to his jeep, heading towards the highway and from there towards his destination and final mission: to get to the castle before sunset and decode the clue that would enable him to rescue the kid, who incidentally happened to be the only child of the State Chief Minister.

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