A Ray Of Hope

By Neel Anil Panicker

Ragini eyes scanned the skies. High above the dense foliage of tall eucalyptus and cedar trees, floating amidst the mist laden fully clouds were a streak of kaleidoscopic colours, it’s blue and purple and pink interspersings connected at either end by  sparkling golden ribbons.

Her eyes soaked in the spectular feast and a smile lit her face as her heart surged with a happiness that had been evasive for the past few months.

The sighting of this heavenly wondrous sight was literally manna from the skies, handed down on a parched earth wrought by deaths and diseases—hitherto unknown, unfathomable pains and sufferings unleashed by a virus that had spread its spectacles faster than a raging Amazonian fire.

Excitedly, she turned towards Sachin who had just joined her in the roof top.

“It’s God’s way of telling us that good tidings are around the corner. A divine signal that the contagion would soon die a natural death.”

Sachin looked at his little sister, younger to him by a decade, and his heart filled with deep love and empathy for his sister.
She was oozing innocence and optimism, a far cry from the deep overriding dense  fog of despondency and pessimism that the majority of the world’s denizens had been experiencing for the past over couple of months.

It was her age, he surmised. At fifteen, one is still young enough not to let colour one’s world with gloom and frightening doomsday scenarios.

It’s the age of hope, a time when the heart is at its prime, filled and surging with benevolence, throbbing with vitality. effervescence and joi we vivre, even when the mind gives altogether diametrically opposite signals.

The heart refuses to know, listen, decipher, understand, and kowtow to the mind, that is rational, that goes by stark empirical facts, that unleashes daily and hourly figures of the dead and dying.

For once succumbing to the sheer vivaciousness and exuberance of her little sister, he too, albeit temporarily cast aside all thoughts of the havoc currently being caused by the deadly contagion and joined his sister in looking upto the skies.

“Yes, this beautiful vibgyoric rainbow is God’s of telling us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that the worse is over, and good things are about to happen”.

Ragini looked at her elder brother and smiled, a smile that melted her brother’s heart and filled him too with a hope that well, things from now on would take a turn for the better.

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