three line tales, week 226: danger, do not enterthree line tales, week 226: danger, do not enter


By Neel Anil Panicker

DANGER-DO NOT ENTER- the moment Hassan spotted the capitalised knife etching on the wood nailed to the bark of the massive peepal tree that lay on a near deserted
stretch some 100 hundred metres off the highway and nearly an hour’s walk from where his village was, the 12 year old knew he had to find out what lay beyond.

As he gingerly ducked under the barbed wires and surreptitiously crawled his way past the sign board, the kid, a few months still shy of his thirteenth birthday, felt the adrenaline kick in— a swift and sudden stream of hot blood rushed through his veins, the pupils of his eyes began to dilate, and his wiry four foot frame began to throb with a heightened sense of excitement laced with a growing knowing uncertainty as to what unforeseen dangers lay in wait.

A moment  later, when he felt a gun pointed towards him, and a man  clad in military fatigue, his fingers on the trigger, growling down at him, the little orphan knew at last what it meant when elders talked about not flirting with danger once too often.

#fiction #shortstory #flash  #tlt


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