By Neel Anil Panicker

“I am a little worried about Sana She’s been acting strange nowadays. Ever since the lockdown all she’s been doing is putting pen to paper,” voiced Avni over the phone to her best friend Vani.

“Wow! that’s wonderful. Putting pen to paper! I mean that should really make you happy, Avni. What more should a mother want than to see her seven year old spend her lock down days penning down her thoughts. Who knows, maybe we may have just sene the birth of the next big thing in writing, our very next Arundhati Roy?”, exclaimed an excited Vani from the other end.

“How great would such a thing be except that I meant not writing drawing. Little Sana keeps herself busy nowadays scribbling, drawing, painting all day long. And what she draws…”

“That’s another wonderful way to explore one’s creativity. I think she’s doing a great thing and utilising her free time following her passion. I see no reason why that’s such a bad idea and why you, Avni should work yourself to a frenzy about this,” interjected Vani, the slight shift in tone in her voice betraying her irritation at the pointlessness of the conversation.

“You aren’t getting it, Avni. I ain’t unhappy or upset with her pursuit. It’s just that all her drawings and pairings have the same scene.”

“And what’s that?” “It’s this beautiful green garden full if water lilies, roses and hyacinths that’s separated from a barren, rocky patch of earth by a bridge.”

Dr Vani Jayaram, clinical psychologist, thought about this for a while, then asked, “Is there anything else that’s a constant in these pictures, Avni?”

“Yes, the two landscapes are joined by a small Victorial bridge that’s coloured a deep blood red, the droplets dripping down into the blue waters.

Dr Vani thought that for a while, then said, “It’s not just Sana. Kids all over the world are scared and scarred, this corona thing’s playing with their psyche. Just be around her; this is the time children need comfort and reassurance that that world would get back to normal soon enough”.

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