By Neel Anil Panicker

For the first time in the past two months ever since the lockdown, Neha found her husband a marked departure from his usual self.

Gone was the effervescent, bunny self, the easy smile and the energetic vigour that characterised his personality, the kind that spread nothing but cheer and joy all around the space he inhabited.

All these were replaced by an exact antithesis of a personality—one that. constantly erupted, got angry over the most miniscule of matters, that spend most of his waking hours opening and closing his brown leather briefcase and extracting three stacks of files, pouring over its contents, A4 sized white bond papers filled with indecipherable graphs, and our charts and histograms and what have you.

Watching her husband live through the pain, pained Neha no end and more than once she wondered what was it that had turned her otherwise no nonsense hubby into a confused, poor soul.

“What’s so troubling you, my dear, that you can’t even share with your better half, my dear,” she asked unable tp hold herself back any longer.

Fifty year old Aman looked at his wife and wondered how long before he can keep away the truth from his family; the bitter fact that he was just a week away from being kicked out of his job; that his office had asked all its employees to look for another job stating that it would not be able to continue operating in a zero business scenario.

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