By Neel Anil Panicker

“Ok, we will start from the beginning. Tell me when, why, how, and the what of it? For starters, begin with when. Tell me when does this happen?”

Dhansukh Dholakia, held bend down and and spoke into the phone’s speaker, “There’s no when. It happens all the time. Morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight…any time, it doesn’t come unannounced…if as go no fixid timeline…it’s…”

“Ok…okay…I got that, ” shot back Dr. Praveen Nair, the well known psychiatrist, plus, personal friend of Dhansukh, one of the richest diamond merchants of Baroda and by extension the entire country.

“Now, Dhansukh Bhai, tell me where and how does this thing happen?”

Dhansukh felt his neck muscles tightening. He opened his mouth to speak. The syllables failed to birth into words.  He had difficulty speaking. He closed his eyes as a wave of spasmodic pain began to form around his chest.

His hands, shaking as they were, somehow managed to prise open the buttons of his gold embroidered ‘Made in Paris’sparkling red shirt.

“Dhansukh, are you there…you ok, tell me…?”

“It’s…it’s happening…Praveen…it’s happ…”

“What…what’s happening…can you…can you just describe me what…”

“It’s like I am dying…can’t describe it…can you call a doctor please?”

From the other end, Dr Praveen dialled the Fortis  Hospital Emergency Number.

“Don’t worry Dhansukh, just stay calm. The ambulance will arrive any moment. Meanwhile, can you tell me how are you feeling now?”

“I…I have just lost 50p crores thanks to this  corona thing. You tell me how should I feel, doc?”, volleyed Dhansukh, his voice a dying man’s last agony shriek.

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