Liquor shops opened without forethought, COVID-19 cases will spike ...



Oh God, Give Us Our Daily Bottle!

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Wow! what a master stroke! Thanks to Covid 19, what couldn’t be achieved in around 75 years, we have done so in a matter of a few weeks—wipe out poverty, completely bridge  the gulf between the rich and the poor”, remarked Professor Anirban Bose, his voice dripping over with sarcasm.

Taking a dig at her otherwise erudite husband, Mrs Sadhna Bose inquired, ‘Now look, who’s talking through his hat, uttering  nonsensical stuff about bridging the divide between the haves and have nots; pray, on what inane premise do you base your gibberish  conclusion, my dear husband and ardent defender of all things Keynesian?”

To that the erstwhile Professor of Economics if Jadavpur University countered, “my dear hubby, what else do I make of the serpentine lines that we see on our television screens—men (including some women, too!) standing shoulder the shoulder, jostling, jousting, howling, hooting even shooing away those who step out of line—all to lay their hands on a few prized bottles of the coloured variety. Don’t you see…?”

“Oh! enough, can’t you see, Mr  Bose that these are urgent, last ditch well meaning measures by the government to boost its coffers so that they are able to better serve the basic needs of the electorate whose welfare they are duty bound to take care of”? butted in Mrs Bose, more than a tad annoyed by the intransigenceof her otherwise pliant husband.

“There you go again”, countered the man of the house, “adding, “what Principle of Economics has it that in order to help fulfill the most essential, the basic needs of the citizenry, we should start by helping them  realise their wants, and that the best way to to create an egalitarian society is to make the rich and poor fall in line and ensure both happily pay the same exorbitantly high tax to join the league of Bacchus lovers worldwide?”

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