By Neel Anil Panicker

Abhinav peeped through the windows and muttered, “The sky’s all wrong here”.

His words, a near whisper, were picked up by his wife of a decade and half.

“Baby, the sky’s all wrong everywhere”, said Poonam as she switched off the TV set.

The computer engineer who barely three months ago had quit his well paying job in Singapaore to kickstart his own ventute back in Bengalururu turned around and faced his wife.

“Yeah, you are right darling. The sky’s wrong everywhere. This year…this virus…this lockdown…these losses…these deaths…its as if some evil force has cast it’s demonic shadow on Earth, and is hell bent on ensuring its annihilation.”

Sitting upright on the bed, Poonam nodded her head before asking, “Did you here about Mrs Pathak?”

“Who?,” Abhinav responded, “Is she the one who runs the boutique in the main market. Wasn’t it her husband who was killed in that horrific road accident two block away?”

“Yes, the same”, replied Poonam

“Just got a Whatsapp message that she’s died. Apparently, she had tested positive for corona barely a week ago”.

A sigh escaped Abhinav’s lips. This virus is taking too heavy a toll. Wonder what’s going to happen next?”.

To that all his wife could offer was, ” The road ahead is a long, uncertain, and endless and we cannot afford to stop for a single moment. As they say in that famous liquor ad: Keep Walking ”

All Abhinav could do was nod his head in acquiescence.

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