Falling Springs Fall - sunset_compress23


By Neel Anil Panicker

“It’s over two months and the havoc caused by the virus shows no signs of abating. Do you know who is responsible for this virus?”, lashed out  Rishabh, a tad angrily,  as he watched the bleak images of hospitals choc-o-bloc with the dead and dying that flashed on the television screen.

As the question sounded rhetorical Seema thought it prudent to keep quiet and hear out her otherwise reserved husband.

Sure enough, the retired Circle Inspector bit the bullet.

He continued, “Of course. it’s China, who else? Look what they have done. They have let loose this deadly home grown virus and then are now sitting comfy, watching and waiting as the entire world suffers. It’s a ploy, a diabolical Machiviallean gameplan of the Chinese to destroy the world’s economy’s especially their bete noire America, and then wrest control of the world, politically and economically.”

Even as he ended his long diatribe against a country he hadn’t ever visited, leave alone knew little or read much about (discounting the sea of opinions and ‘true facts’ that landed on his  WhatsApp and Twitter feeds every waking moment, Seema turned towards him and this time, decided to give her ‘knowledgeable’ hubby a different lesson altogether.

“Green deciduous forests,  deep mountain high gorges and cutting through it all mile long snowy white waterfalls that drop several feet below into the bowels of perfectly V-shaped valleys____what are these but Nature’s beauteous bounty bestowed on Mother Earth!  How tiny they look from afar, mere specks from the window seats of a passing plane! Have you ever wondered how beautiful this life is thanks to the wondrous glories of Nature at our disposal? Also, how cruel and selfish are we humans in our hubristic responses towards it? And have you ever for a moment stopped and gazed at the the azure blue skies or cared to take note of  the mellifluous notes of the mynah and the cuckoo? Have you heard the soft churn of a  mountain stream,  or watched the playful  flutterings of the blue and white specked sea gulls as they form concentric circles around the golden hued setting sun? Have you…have you done all these, or even contemplated indulging in the simpler pleasures of life? Things that are manna for the human soul and help us connect with out spiritual selves thereby giving us much needed solace, peace and happiness?”

The question must have stumped the old man for momentarily sumped and absolutely zapped, the supposedly well informed ‘man of letters’ turned around and gazed at his wife of 40 plus years.

He opened his mouth to say something but his better half beat him to it.

“My dear, they are all part of God’s grand designs, painted in vibgyoric colours each distinct yet gladly flowing and and melting into the giant vessel that’s called love and brotherhood. So, dear, stop blaming China or what have you for what essentially has been caused by Man’s bossy attitude towards Nature. The less we harm Nature and the more we learn to live and abide by its laws, the happier and  safer would be our human existences.”

Hearing such pearls of wisdom from his better half’s mouth gladdened Rishabh no end.

He nodded his head in acknowledgement of his wife’s home grown wisdom, but not before adding with a naughty twinkle in his eyes, “As they say, God lives in his creations. And you are his most beautiful creation. By loving you I show my love towards Him”.

It was time for his better half to do the blush act.
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