#DAY 13



By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hey hear this guy out. He’s good”, exclaimed Harshita’s mom as she settled on the couch next to her daughter.

“Jail term, stay at home, rot at home, work from home, forced isolation, incarceration, living hell, forced hibernation, meditation, or what have you—to each his or her own.

It’s all a matter of perspective; depends on how one views this nationwide lockdown forced due to the deadly Corona virus—is the glass half empty, or is it half full?— the choice is all yours.

You decide whether this is a threat that’s pulling you down into the deep dungeons of despair and hopelessness or simply a grand opportunity that’s come knocking your doors, and waiting for you to leverage to your advantage and forge a unique identity of your own and thus…”

Something clicked in Harshita’s mind for even as the man on the screen continued to mouth his profound words of wisdom, the teenager was on her feet and furiously stabbing the keys on her mobile.

The words came out fast and furious as if they were out of an assembly line: “Dear Inder, it’s been seven months since we have been dating and though it’s been a wondrous ride so far, I have come to the realisation that we don’t rate very high on the compatability scale; hence, without beating around the bush, I herewith am ending our relationship and moving on even as I wish you do the same.”

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