three line tales, week 218: a woman drinking coffee with laptop and guitar



By Neel Anil Panicker

“My life’s confined to a mere three hundred feet, and right now, as has been, for the past ten days, I am battling this abominably interminably long stretch of pit dark silence; an utter eerie quiteness pervades all over; a void that threatens me by the hour, minute and goddam second, its stranglehold ever tightening, constricting with every single agonising breath that I take”.

At another end of town, Rishabh read with wondrous eyes the above lines by his lady love, and stabbed the keys if his Apple IPhone, “Wow! sweaty pie, idk…lockdown’s made a poet of you!”

As Priya received the text message, she typed back, “These past days have been a point of reflection for me, and thanks to very extensive and exhaustive rumination over matters of the heart, I have come to the deeply saddening yet soul elevating realisation that we aren’t meant for one another and that it is to our best in interests to move on, and in doing so I wish you the very best, not just in matters of the heart but also in all future endeavours.” #neelanilpanicker #realisticfiction #lockdownbreakup #TLT




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