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By Neel Anil Panicker

“My dear countrymen, it is time for very tough measures to battle the menace of this deadly Corona Virus, and so, the only buzz word from now on must be SAFETY—safety not just of  your own but also of your near and dear ones and thereof the entire nation. Hence, I, as the head of this great family called India, proclaim a complete 21-day lockdown all over India from…”

“Here, rush…I say run to the market, and buy…”

Being literally pushed out of his own house was a new low, even by his own abysmal standards for Deepak Malhotra, the benign henpecked  husband of a score and half years.

He opened his mouth to mumble something but his wife beat him to it, “here, she said as she thrust three large bags and several crisp high denomination notes into his trouser pockets before adding, “milk, rice, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, brinjals, soap, toothpaste, cooking oil, hand wash, sanitisers and anything that you can lay your hands on…go rush”.

As Deepak stumbled out of his house and hit the streets, he wondered if someway the PM would simply whisper into his ears such earth shaking announcements and not make them on prime time  national televisionz especially at 8 pm, the time when his dear wife firmly enconsces herself in front of the idiot box.

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7 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/SSS/fiction/shortstory/realisticfiction/26/03/2020

  1. I hear rumours about a possible extension, maybe till June. The medicine is being administered in small doses to avoid a panic situation. Some people are just lucky. There is a valid reason for slowdown in the economy, and the opposition cannot point fingers.


  2. UP

    This will pass, it will go as mysteriously as it came. Good use of the cue.


  3. Never has there been such commonality on a global level. It seems fear is also common and as contagious as the virus we fight. Calm must prevail. Agree with Paul. Excellent use of the prompt word.


  4. Pat Brockett

    Your SIX is so timely. I just listened to a news report yesterday about India’s situation now. So little time to gather needed supplies and get back to one’s home, especially for those who work so many hours away from their families. May peace, calmness and clear thinking prevail at such a time as this.


  5. dyannedillon

    And now we know who bought all the toilet paper! Good six!


  6. Excellent and timely six! I wish I could push my husband out the door to fetch supplies 🙂 It’s usually me that goes.


  7. Excellent six and appropriate for the times!


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