By Neel Anil Panicker

“Creativity is atypically wide neural nets—the wiring of the brain being longer, linking to different areas.
And what better aid to this than imagination.
If creativity is the youth that surges ahead in pursuit of life’s goals, imagination is the warm  virgin blood that runs within the veins, sending forth piping hot bursts of adrenaline to
distant nooks and corners, all bodily artieries, pulsating the entire being with Amazonian straight and opening forth the gates of hitherto unknown wondrous yet unexplored terrains.

Imagine, yes, imagine my friends what would man ever be without the power of imagination.

Sans imagination, our creativity would be deadwood, decrepit and unsused, rotting in some deep forgotten attic of our mind, unknowing of the power that lay embedded within it.

Imagine the wonders of the modern world—the roads, the wheels of progress that run on them, the path breaking tools of technology that man has at his fingertips; the gargantuan progress man has achieved over the centuries.

What would have man’s fate been had they not unleashed their imagination to extend the boundaries of creativity to find ways and means to make their lives better, more liveable, and less tormentuos?”

The audience, spellbound so far, waited for a full sixty seconds, before they all clapped in unison.

For, the speaker was one of their own, one who had risen, literally from the ghettos of poverty, and made it big as one of the foremost scientists of the world. A woman to boot.

Not one, a lot of glass ceilings were being broken that evening.

The jam packed crowd of young and old alike, all stood and gave a standing ovation to Dr. Satyabhama, world renowned cancer expert and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Science as she ended her words with her by now famous clarion call –BELIEVE WHAT YOU IMAGINE, IMAGINE WHAT YOU BELIEVE___NOW CREATE.

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2 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/07/03/2020

  1. I like this very much Neel, the imagination is truly a wonderful thing we as humans possess.

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    1. Truly, what are we without our imaginations. Thanks a lot dear Michael foe your lovely words .

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