By Neel Anil Panicker

I can’t carry this any further,” Lisa screamed out as she flung her hands in exasperation.

Seated across from her, Ishani lifted her eyes from the book she was reading and replied, “Is that you really Lisa? You of all persons?  And pray, what is it that you aren’t able to carry along”?

The question, that too from her bestie seemd to have triggered something.
The next moment of dam of emotions, pent up feelings and she had put a lid to seemd to burst forth.
In gargantuan tsunami waves she let it all out—words, syllables, sentences—short and long, entire soliloquies…every other verbal pyrotechnic was on display as she elucidated, at times haltingly, at times as she were a high speed Japanese bullet train on steroids the reasons  why she felt couldn’t carry on.

At the end of what seemed an eternity, but in actuality was a measly fifteen minutes,  Ishani knew exactly what she’d set forth to know.

That her childhood friend was feeling cheated that the ‘love of her life’ Vineet had forgotten to wish her on Valentine’s Day, leave alone take her out.

As Lisa went hammer and tongs, mouthing words such as infidel, cream, moron, tubelight in honour of her ‘lover’, Isha could do nothing but sit back and listen patiently, nodding her head and arching her eyebrows at appropriate intervals to show her ‘deep empathy’ .

Finally, it call cane to an end with Lisa blurting out in exasperation, ‘I wish you  were my lover.’

Momentarily taken aback by the comment, Isha was just about to brush it off when Lisa replied, “Say what my dear, let’s do something. Why not I dump Finest and this Valentine, we end up as lover’s?”

Isha knew it wasn’t a question.
Her bestie was all about answers.

All she could do was say a sheepish yes.

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