By Neel Anil Panicker

It was his roguish eyes or so she believed. Or, was it his sheer maleness, a distinctive alpha male persona that emanated from his being? The fact that he was so close to him that she could feel his breath; smell him; see the intricate yet carelessly tossed around tousled hair that dangled from his nape, or was it that she was watching the mirror image of the tall, dark and handsome young man who came in her dreams, riding his steed and then slowly fading out in a fluff of white clouds every single night?

There was no telling. For the first time in her life, Alisha felt at a loss___a loss of words, a loss of feelings, a loss of everything.

For that particular moment, time stopped, as if in deference to her feelings.

She stood there, a statue, being admired at, at best; but then, unable to reciprocate, unable to  respond to the attentive gaze of her admirer.

“Excuse me…do you mind stepping off my foot.”

The voice, deep throated, rich and baritone, jolted her to terra firma.

“I…i’m…i’m i’m…”

“No, your sorry is not acceptable. You owe me more than an apology”.

The same husky voice, the words, some stressed and compressed, the end of each syllable stretched to the maximum.

Still tongue tied, she hurriedly, she looked down and inspected the damage_

__her left high heeled stilettos were astride his right toe.

Instantly, she stepped off, and she did so, her face turned from white to a crimson red.

“I am sorry. It’s my mistake. I didn’t realise. I do hope it doesn’t hurt. I am…”

“I am not very comfortable in such narrow spaces. Slightly claustrophobic, you see,” interjected the young man as he waved a large hairy hand across the aisle.

Alisha opened her mouth to say something but he beat him to it.

“Why don’t we just step out and catch some fresh air. There’s Freddy’s down the road. While we sip hot chocolate coffee, you can figure out how best to frame your apology to me. I may even help you with a few choice words here and there? What say?”

His tone while he spouted out all this was a giveaway. He wasn’t asking; he was demanding.

The question wasn’t begging an answer. It was more of an order.

Watching her still so still, the young man simply held her hand and led her all the way out of the revolving doors of the supermarket.

Unknown to her, he was taking away her heart.

The man of her dreams had arrived and carted her away, she falling for him___hook, line and sinker.

Alisha, the girl whose life until then revolved around books had booked her date with love.

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