By Neel Anil Panicker

Watching videos on  loop on my IPhone last night,

I saw a girl, her face turned cold, ashen,

her eyes staring into space like a corpse,

and it struck me that in a mere two minutes she had aged, turned old, infirm, immobile, her life coming to a full stop,

and then I banished the thought  and looked at other floating images of young girls in colourful attire, bright flowers adorning their coiffured hair, laughing and dancing and smiling and cheering

but soon my fingers flipped backwards  and I looked at the young girl again—beaten, brutalised , raped, her mouth gagged, her clothes torn, her face stricken with fear as if she had seen the Devil himself, experienced Hell

and suddenly a cold fear enveloped me as I realised that in less than two minutes, less than the time it takes to stir a cup of noodles, a few vile men had forked their devilish nails and gouged out the seed of humanity and at that instant I felt weak and ashen and sorrowful and hollowed out, as if something had gone, some beautiful emotion within me had died,

but all I did was close my eyes and pray to whatever God or Gods hovered above waiting for some action, reaction, or whatever it is that Gods are supposed to do and all I tried to do was smile and smile and smile…

#neelanilpanicker #poem #drpriyankareddy #hyderabadrape #india #crimeagainstwomen

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