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By Neel Anil Panicker

My heart is not for sale; my heart is not a roadside inn that any overnight traveller can halt by, enjoy, and leave the next morn; my heart is not open for all sundry to come, enter, enjoy, and then exit at will___all this and then some more was the long monologue that Shilpa mouthed day in and day out and especially so, whenever, and that was quite often, one or the other of her friends fell in love, got married and pray, even had children, and her ageing mother pestered her into getting hitched.

All that high moral ground changed the moment she sighted Rahul at an out of town ‘Dealers Conference’.

A carefully choreographed ‘encounter’ two days later, a couple of luncheon dates, thereafter and, one long stroll by the sea a fortnight hence was all it took for her to say ‘yes’ when he popped those magical three words followed by the all important four: “Will you marry me”?

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