By Neel Anil Panicker

How many? How many more such glorious dawns, wondered Rasheeda as she looked out of her hillside villa towards the distant horizon.

The scene that unfolded in front of her eyes was heavenly___the kind that usually is seen on glossy travel magazines___of a frost filled sky turned purplish with a hint of orange as the sun does her yawning act from behind mist filled clouds, its golden rays sneaking in through the array of cidar trees.

Her fingers cupped on the cup of hot coffee as a wave of spasmodic delight ran up her spine.

She closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh morning air.

“Bliss”, she cried out.

As tears of joy trickled down her rosy cheeks, she wondered how long before all this would come to an end.

Her mind went back to the previous night’s conversation.

Abhi had called. Sounded pensive. Said the new business was taking time.

The creditors were not very sure. Said they needed to rethink about the venture.

“Listen Rasheeda, I’m trying my best to convince them. They say they would  agree to invest in my business, but they have put certain pre-conditions. Besides putting the house as collateral, they also want us to invest ten crores. That would mean we have no option but to sell off the hillside villa.”

The words pierced into her lungs.

The rest of hubby’s words were all lost, a daze.

Now, as her gazed at the heavenly skies, she knew time was running out.

Very soon she would have to bid adieu to her heavenly home in the hills, and get back to the rough and tumble of the plains.

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  1. Let’s hope it works out for them.

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