woven basket


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Sir, I know who the killer is.”

Inspector Brahmdutt looked at the greenhorn who had just joined him to ‘assist you and lesson your load.

The exact words of his boss ACP Rajneesh Dave.

“Oh, is that so? That’s pretty quick of you Arnab. Tell me, who is the killer?

The twenty something English honours graduate cleared his throat and said, his voice two octaves higher than normal, ” Sir, well…you see…I don’t have his name as yet. But I can tell you for sure the person who killed Mrs Priya is a German.”

Inspector Brahmdutt looked at his newly minted sidekick, honouring him with an expression that screamed—‘this better be good’.

“Yes…Yes sure. Let me explain how I’ve arrived at this deduction”, began Arnab.

“You see Sir, we lifted a blood stained wicker basket from Mrs Priya, the murdered widow’s room. Sir, forensics has confirmed neither the blood not the fingerprints are hers. And we know the childless widow lives all alone in a cottage which is miles away from civilisation.”

‘ All that is ok. But it still doesn’t explain these blood stains are of the killer, and most importantly he or she is of German descent,’ interrupted Inspector Brahmdutt.

The neophyte responded, this time without batting an eyelid.
“Sir, I googled. The wicker chair has a metallic lock and is a limited edition one that’s made only in German.”

“So, you Mr Arnab concluded that the killer of Mrs Priya who lived in  a back of beyond in interior Andhra Pradesh is  a German, right”?

In answer, Arnab beamed a 32 watt smile, his chest swelling up in pride.

Inspector Brahmdutt had more than half a heart to silence the nincompoop with a single bullet from his police issue Colt.

Instead, all he managed to say were,”Good job, young man. Now, all I’m waiting for is you to catch this German guy”.

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