By Neel Anil Panicker
“Did you check everywhere”?.

“Yes Sir”, replied Constable Arun Mishra.

“I personally went to all the city hotels, guest houses.  Checked the registers, went through each and every room. I even showed the photograph. No luck. It’s as if the earth has swallowed her.”

“You didnt check where you need to,” volleyed Inspector Vijay Karn.

“Remember, she is no ordinary criminal. Unlike most others, we don’t know anything about her. Her name, where she was born, what are her likes, dislikes—all a big cipher. All we know is that she has killed seven people, all widows, and all above sixty”.

“Sir, so what should we do to nab such a serial killer who is proving so elusive”?

“Not much. But right away, two things.

First, inform your contacts to keep an eye out for the woman in and around highway inns and other such short stays.
Plus, find out a list of widows within a ten miles radius of this city.  Let’s see if this lady killer is as smart as she likes us to believe”.
#neelanilpanicker #flash fiction #shortstory

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