By Neel Anil Panicker
There she was, her deathly charm quite invisible to the naked eye, tip toeing ever so slightly onto the ballroom, her dainty legs making love to the creamy white mosaic floors, the softest of whispers echoing all over high walls.

Within moments of her sashay, all eyes were riveted on her. The males, the young, the old, and the inbetweens—watched spellbound, their lascivious eyes X-raying her bootilicious charms.

As if acknowledgement, she swayed and moved, taking one curvaceous step after another, nearing, hovering,  moving in, closing in on her targets.

As the evening descended into electric madness, its excitement quotient upped several notches by the high octane foot tapping music that began to blast out from all corners.

The killer had completed her initial groundwork.

The dice had been laid, the bait placed,
now all she now waited for were the fish to  bite.

And bite they did.

One after another, they gave themselves up—willingly, happily, smilingly—as she led them past the packed hallway into the garden beyond, and laid them to rest.

It was for no reason was Maya Mirchandani called Lady Spider.
The one who killed men with one poison dipped fingertip sending them into Netherland.

Showered by various epithets including Poison Killer, Spiderwoman, Maneater, the twenty something five foot six heart stealer who was abandoned at birth and raised in a  very strict Catholic orphanage, lorded over Cochin City, trapping impressionable men and boys in her intricate gossamer maze, and then slowly squeezing them of all their wealth and bleeding them dry, to finally stubbing them with her high heels, as she watched with demonic pride her victims taking their last, frightful  gasps of breath.

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Thursday photo prompt: Web #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Web #writephoto

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2 thoughts on “neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/writephoto/01/11/2019

  1. What pain a damaged child can know…and inflict.


  2. Excellent story Neel 💜


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