photo by David Meredith

Photo courtesy of David Meredith, photographer


By Neel Anil Panicker

The false ceiling precariously holding onto the near peeled away plastic facade threatened to break free any moment.

Below, the drawing room looked like a bombed out World War Second warehouse. Gone was the large oblong dining table, gone were the crystal cut glasses that adorned the shelf that overlooked it, gone too were the laughter and chatter of near and dear ones, the redolence of delectable vegetable biryani and the heady aroma of a multitude of spice laden dishes. Gone too was the joie de vivre and happiness that emanated from every pore and wall of the one room abode, that was  once as warm as a velvety silk Kashmiri shawl wrapped around happy welcoming souls.

A tear dropped from Esther’s eyes as she reminisced about old times, about the happy times she had spent with David, her husband of three decades and also the love of her life.

“Mrs Braganza, it’s time. The car is waiting outside”.

The words of the estate agent broke her trance.

She turned around but not before glancing one last time at the kitchen, or whatever was left of it.

Rank emptiness stared back at her, further exacerbating the void in her forlorn heart.

With a sigh, she dragged her frail self out.

A new life at Martha’s Old Age Home awaited her.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 13 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 13 2019


2 thoughts on “neelwrites/SPF/flash/fiction/shortstory/14/10/2019

  1. At least she still has memories of happier times. A poignant piece indeed.

    Here’s my story


  2. Such a bittersweet tale, unfolding in front of us all.


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