By Neel Anil Panicker

Carson pulled at his neck tie as the air became heavy with organ music and she approached clouded in white. The next moment the high walls and the majestic dome shaped roof of the 18th century refurbished palace resonated with boisterous cries of ‘Happy 20th Anniversary to Dear Mary and Carson”. 

Overwhelmed, a tear dropped from Mary’s eyes as her better of five years quickly extended his arms around her and kissed her beautiful gold sparkled cheeks.

Then, with the applause still on and roaring by the second, the two strode down the eighteen steps to the foyer where awaiting them were an endless night of music, fun, food, and sheer happiness. 

“It’s heavenly, Cars”, whispered Mary she wafted down the gilded stairs, her dainty fingers caressing the exquisitely ornate golden tresses of her coiffured hair.


“Carson stood at the precipice of the cliff and craned his neck upwards.

“Yeah, it’s heavenly, so heavenly that she’s now in heaven”.

As if in acknowledgement, the skies above him changed hues, turning from purplish to a dark charcoal grey.

In the distance, above the hills, a deluge of nimbus clouds screamed  their lungs out.

Even Nature’s angry and weeping, wondered Carson.

His legs wobbled as he took a large swig of Johnny Walker.

The liquid gushed down his windpipe as if on a mission and seared through his heart, singing his lungs.

He let out a deep, full throated anguished cry that got swept away by the strong winds and dashed against the distant rocky hills, dying a million slow deaths.

It was time for him too, Carson found himself saying muttering as his feet bid good bye to terra firma.

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Tale Weaver – #244 – A Solitary Figure – 10th October.

First Line Friday: October 11th, 2019


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