By Neel Anil Panicker
“I need more”.
The words stunned Mrs Pinky. For an indeterminate period of time, she stood there, in the massive ornate  drawing room of WADHAWAN MANSION___in limbo, her senses paralysed, a shell shocked expression framing her eyes.
She looked at her husband of forty odd years as if he were a stranger.

Then, after she had somewhat recovered, she said, her eyes a fervent plead, “Avinash, stop this craving, I implore you. Stop this mindless accumulation of wealth. I tell you, we are already rich, billionaires in fact. We have everything. A beautiful family,   a handsome loving son who takes goof care of all our businesses, a beachfacing multicrore villa that most Indians can only dream about and  good health. All the gods, especially Kuber, the God of Wealth have been very benevolent towards us. Tell me Avi, is there anything more there is to aspire for?”

From across the hallway, Avivansh Wadhawan, the sixty something patriarch and head honcho of the multi-billion dollar multinational finance conglomerate looked at his wife, a quizzical expression forming on his face.
“Look Pinky, you are right and you are wrong. Right when you say that we are wealthy, very wealthy in fact. But, you are wrong when you say all this is enough. No, it may be enough for you, but not for me. For me I need more, more money than any man on this planet. And for that I will do…”

Mrs Pinky didn’t allow him to complete his sentence.

“And that means you will continue to rob and steal and bribe and cheat the innocent common men and women of this land who deposit their hard earned money in your banks, right?”

“Nothing is unfair in love and war, my dear”, countered Avinash.

“Enough!”, screamed out Pinky.
“I’ve had enough. No more. You need more money. I need no more. In fact I need no more share and partaking of your ill gotten wealth. And what’s more—I leave you with your wealth. You can enjoy to your heart’s content.”

Even before a stunned Avinash could fathom what had hit him, his better half had exited the room and his life for good.
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Time To Write: Sentence Starter 51


Time To Write: Sentence Starter 51

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