PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


By Neel Anil Panicker

The day Esther left, the light went out of Henry’s life.

Gone were the easy smiles, gone was his signature sanguineness; gone too were the twice daily visits to Cocker’s Spaniel, the patch of green he’d been frequenting since the time he was a kid running around in half pants, knickers that looked large enough to house at least two other pairs of thinly legs.

In its place, darkness descended. With each passing moment Henry found himself being sucked further into a bottomless pit of nothingness.

Does the loss of mere cat take so much of a toll, many wondered.

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Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here


18 thoughts on “neelwrites/FF/flash/fiction/shortstory/18/09/2019/

  1. Dear Neel,

    You took me by surprise with the reveal that Esther was a cat. The loss of a pet is still losing a loved one. I still mourn the loss of my pets even though it’s been years since they’ve been gone. Good story.



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    1. I will take the first statement as a compliment.
      Yes, the loss of a pet is indeed a soul searing catastrophe.
      I empathise with your pain, dear Rochelle.
      The four legged species are dearer than the two legged ones.

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  2. Not being a cat or dog lover, I find it hard to understand, but it certainly seems to be this way for many people.


  3. Pets are family and for many, as close as.
    Nice take on the prompt, and I loved the image of the boy in knee pants — the skinny legs swimming in the pant legs, as so many boys are known to be at some stage of their early lives.


  4. The loss of a beloved pet can hit harder than that of a relative, especially if it’s unexpected.
    I lasted just six days after losing Barney in 2005……….. we weren’t ready and it came out of the blue. Now we have Maggie, not a replacement, but a fur baby who has made her own way into our hearts.


  5. Oh, how sad, to lose a furry loved one is horrible. It’s never easy. You wrote a good slice of life story here this week.


  6. The loss of a pet can be devastating.
    Well done.


  7. I’m not a cat person myself, but I accept that for some they are important as friends or family.

    Here’s my story.


  8. Such a well-written story about losing a furbaby. I lost my Chauncey in 2016 and miss him still. He was a very much loved light in my life.


  9. Abhijit Ray

    When one loves something or someone, sudden departure causes depression. Nice story.


  10. Totally took me by surprise at the end. He sure did love his kitty.


  11. michael1148humphris

    Many who befriend our four legged friends will relate well to this

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  12. The loss of a fur baby can be devastating.


  13. My daughter has lost two of her three cats in the last month – yes, it hurts.


  14. A good story with great description and an effective ending twist, Neel. Well done. — Suzanne

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