Three Line Tales, Week 189

Three Line Tales, Week 189

three line tales, week 189: a cat peeking out of a cardboard box


By Neel Anil Panicker

Night Prowler, Feline Ninja, Black Beauty, Devils’ Curse, Death…were some of the loving and not so loving names by which we addressed her; though, judging by the nauseatingly louche nonchalance of her softer than baby feet movements as she flitted in and out of every available crevice in the household, it was clear our opinions about her were all water off a duck’s back.

The kids loved her though, for teenagers as they were, the cat mirrored their state of mind to a T, cocking a snook at society, leading independent unobtrusive, unanswerable, rudderless lives, coming and going as per their whims and fancies, absolutely unmindful of and insular to the goings on in the immediate world and its inhabitants.

Still, there was more than a tear and a lump in everyone’s throat when news floated in that she had come under the wheels of a truck, her intestines spread out like mashed potatoes, blood splotches the colour of over ripe tomatoes smeared on the asphalt, her black button eyes staring into space___a plead, maybe, or perhaps, a look of contentment____grateful at last for deliverance from the boring mundanity of a cat’s cliched existence.

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